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Facilitation by Design

ears, eyes, hands and heart in service to the greater good

Visual Meetings

Visual meetings are creative, interactive, engaging, and extremely effective. A variety of tools, from visions boards to mind maps to visual strategy templates are carefully chosen to meet the needs of the organization and goals of the meeting.  

Visual Facilitation

As a visual facilitator, I guide the group processes and capture content that is created during the meeting or retreat. The members of the group are the generators of the content, solutions, ideas and action plans. I also work as a co-facilitator with partners.

Visual Recording

Visual recording is commonly called Live Scribing, and Graphic Recording. As such, I am the eyes and ears of meetings and presentations. I capture the content, ideas and processes in words and images. This can be arranged as large paper-based surfaces in the meeting space or as digital scribing on laptop or iPad. Digital Scribing can also be projected in the event space as it is being created.

Live Scribing for public conferences is a great way to promote the content as the event unfolds. Video recordings, presentations and papers often take weeks or months to be made available, where as, Live Scribe visual notes can bee Tweeted and posted to the web as the event is happening. This informs and engages an audience beyond the walls of the event.

Visual Reports

Visual Reports are designed and compiled after a meeting, retreat or conference using all of the visual materials produced by the group. This follow up document viscerally reengages the team in the experience, plans and actions arising from the meeting.

Scheduling & Pricing

Estimates are provided after a phone or Skype consultation based on client needs, services, materials and time frames. Please contact me to arrange a call to discuss the goals and needs of your organization.


Visual Facilitation Practices:

Custom Templates
Design Thinking
Mind Mapping
Visual Strategy
Appreciative Inquiry
Vision Boards
Visual Journaling

Embodied Leadership Practices:

Laughter Improv
Breathing & Being Exercises
Compassionate Communication
Mindfulness Tools & Techniques
Action Theater Techniques
Reflective & Visual Journaling

Recording Practices:

Analog (large paper & markers)
Digital (iPad or laptop)

I am always studying new methods and techniques for my facilitation toolbox.

Visual Recording & Facilitation Gallery

Want to see more images & examples? Head on over to my ever growing photo collection.