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Pattie Belle Hastings

#drawingdecember: an international drawing group for the month of December

On the very last day of November 2014, I decided that I would draw every day of the month of December. I invited my friends on Facebook to join me in my #drawingdecember experiment. Rather than impose 31 days of drawing on everyone, I set these parameters:

-    drawing = any human mark

-    drawing can be every day, once a week or one drawing for the entire month

-    any tools, surfaces or mediums

-    no rules or expectations of quantity or “quality”

-    apply hash tag and share on social media (if you choose)

Several people joined me in the experiment. Some reconnected with a long lost passion, some simply added it to an ongoing drawing practice, and some people used it to establish a regular habit of drawing. If you believe as I do, that creative practices are also mindful practices, the possible result is a greater sense of wellbeing. In these times, who does not long for wellbeing? I certainly experience that when drawing and you might also. The experience was so positive – for all involved – that I am going to do it again this year. So, please join me for a month of drawing. #drawingdecember

Images from #drawingdecember 2014