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9 Keys to Clearing Creative Obstacles

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9 Keys to Clearing Creative Obstacles

Pattie Belle Hastings

Are you ready to create your next Great Work? Or have you been struggling to maintain focus or energy? Do you flounder at making the time to produce your Great Work? It’s no secret that the keys to execution are within us. It may not be external forces preventing us from making progress, but rather our internal conflicts. The sooner we recognize that our successful outer work is dependent on our internal work, the sooner we will create that project that has been nagging at us to manifest.

Successful independent projects require the consistent performance of actions to achieve an end product. What we don’t always talk about is the mental and emotional work that is needed to support successful physical manifestation. When our inner state of being is out of sync with our outer state of working, it snags the process of flow and creation. Self-doubt, exhaustion, negative self-talk, comparison, and judgment can slow us down to a crawl or prevent us from sharing our creative gifts with the world.

No one is going to make us write that book, build that app, create that podcast, or whatever spark of an idea that we have that the world wants us to make. We are on our own when it comes to self-motivation, stamina, and persistence in accomplishing a significant task. We must learn what inner and energetic supports we need to move forward step-by-step to reach our goals.

Many people believe that language creates our world, and I often turn to language to help focus both my inner work and my outer work. So in this video and the accompanying worksheet, I give you a simple framework for reflecting on your internal state while creating your external work. However, I’d like to point out that these could be any words that bring meaning to you. I grabbed this batch of words from my toolbox specifically for my graduate students as they embark upon intensive portfolio projects. If they resonate for you, I have created a fillable form that you can use to explore the inner states and personal meanings that support your outer work.

If this selection of words isn’t the right fit for your process, you can swap them out with any that are meaningful and actionable for you. You may find other words that work better, such as nourish, nurture, breathe, pause, magic, etc. Just find the right words that help you uncover the path to creative fruition. When you get stuck, return to them, investigate, and find your way back to creating.

9 Keys on YouTube

9 Keys Fillable Worksheet