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Visual Thinking

Thinking Made Visible


Workshops + Retreats, Facilitation, Visual Recording, and Consulting


Visual Thinking is the translation of words into pictures, using images as a language for communication, understanding, creativity and problem solving. Many organizations are beginning to realize this power of the co-created visuals to capture individual as well as group thinking, conversation, and strategy. The process of Visual Thinking also plays a critical role in Design Thinking, in which, ideation, brainstorming, and sketching bring innovation to even the most mundane tasks and challenges. This is evident today as we ponder the fact that most of the life-altering products that we use daily began as quickly sketched ideas in pencil on paper. Creative leaders recognize this and advocate for the process of thinking through drawing. As a result, visual leaders, visual teams and visual meetings are increasingly transforming how we convene.

Not all organizations have an visual expert on hand, which is where I come in. As a Visual Facilitator or Recorder, I combine deep listening, co-creative methods, and visualization of group experiences to capture and enhance the outcomes of meetings, retreats and conferences. My experience as a designer, educator, and leader allow me to bring a variety of skills and resources customized for each project. This includes the creation of specialized workshops and courses for individuals and teams. 


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thoughts and practices on thinking through drawing & drawing through thinking

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